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Exocad - Core Version + virtual articulator module package

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Exocad CAD Elefsina 3.2 Software License by xCAD Design (latest Version) in combination with the powerfull virtual articulator module to design even more precisious restorations!

Open CAD architecture, all manufacturer libraries and the following indications:

Anatomical crowns, anatomical/simple copings, bridge frameworks, veneers, inlays/onlays, attachments.


Powerful CAD software for dental laboratories.
Exocad DentalCAD Elefsina 3.2 is the leading dental CAD software (xCAD Design Software). Ideal for beginners, powerful in expert hands. Our dental CAD software impresses with its speed and intuitive operation. In order to be able to set new standards in terms of speed and flexibility, we continuously evaluate research results in the field of organic modelling. This is how our development team has been able to shape this rapidly developing market with innovations for more than eight years. As an exocad user, you have your finger on the pulse of technology.

Annual upgrade / update fee from the 2nd year = 690,00€

The General Terms and Conditions of Exocad apply: https://shop.exocad.com/agb#upgrades

(the freezing of the CAD software is possible, but must be submitted to us in writing at min. 2 months before the expiration of a license period)

Manufacturer: Exocad




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