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Laboratory scanner

Laboratory scanner

Without them it is no longer possible: Reliable desktop scanners are used in practically every dental laboratory today. If you are looking for a reliable and high-precision workhorse for the digitization of models of all kinds, you are sure to find it here. Arrange your individual LIVE DEMO DATE with all laboratory systems in our xSHOWROOM! Registration at: info@x-dentaldepot.com

xCHAIRSIDE System - Basic

Art.-Nr.: xChair611_Basic
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

Prio xSCAN / Scan Unit

Art.-Nr.: X1002020_Unit
Manufactured by: xDEPOT
€6,555.00 €6,900.00

Prio xSCAN - Package (Scan, CAD, PC)

Art.-Nr.: X1002020
Manufactured by: xDEPOT
€9,490.50 €9,990.00

SHINING 3D / Scan Unit (Pro - C)

Manufactured by: SHINING 3D

SHINING 3D - Package (Scan PRO-C, CAD, PC)

Art.-Nr.: Shining_xPackage
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

SHINING 3D / Lab Scan Unit (DS-Mix)

Manufactured by: SHINING 3D

DOF Freedom-HD / Scanner Unit

Art.-Nr.: X-DOF-1002021_Unit
Manufactured by: DOF

DOF Freedom-HD - Package

Art.-Nr.: X-DOF-1002022_Package
Manufactured by: DOF

Medit T710 Package (Scan, CAD, PC)

Art.-Nr.: X-Medit-T-710-Package
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

Medit T710 / Scan Unit

Art.-Nr.: ZX-Medit-T-710
Manufactured by: Medit

Medit T510 / Scan Unit

Art.-Nr.: ZX-Medit-T-510
Manufactured by: Medit

Medit T310 / Scan Unit

Art.-Nr.: ZX-Medit-T-310
Manufactured by: Medit

Zfx™ Evolution plus

Art.-Nr.: ZFX03030001
Manufactured by: Zfx

DELL Precision 3640 + TFT Monitor (Pro Support)

Art.-Nr.: 101818-DELL+TFT
Manufactured by: DELL

NEXOC Notebook (GN6 - i7 - Full HD)

Art.-Nr.: x-Nexoc-gn6
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

NEXOC Notebook (GN6 - i9 - Full HD)

Art.-Nr.: x-Nexoc-i9
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

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