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Scangel / scan spray

Scangel / scan spray

When capturing highly reflective objects (e.g. metal abutments) with optical scanners, artifacts arise that have a negative impact on the scanning accuracy. This can be remedied by matting scan spray and locally applicable scangel, which are offered in different versions in xDEPOT.

xSCAN Spray V2 - Sublimating® (Self-dissolving - 200ml)

Art.-Nr.: SCAN002-XV2
Manufactured by: xDEPOT
€22.41 €24.90

xSCAN-Spray® (white - 200ml)

Art.-Nr.: 150092
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

xSCAN-Spray® (white - 75ml)

Art.-Nr.: X-11147-1
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

Nano Scan-X-Gel® (white - 10ml)

Art.-Nr.: X-Gel-2020001
Manufactured by: xDEPOT
€44.10 €49.00

Scantist 3D Vanishing Spray (Self-dissolving - 200ml)

Art.-Nr.: SCAN002
Manufactured by: Scantist3D
€25.11 €27.90

Nano Scan-X-Liquid® (10ml dilute liquid)

Art.-Nr.: X-Gel-2020002
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

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