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xSNAP / xSNAP 360


Jaw models from the 3D printer - until now, these were only available with a clip-folding articulator, which made it possible to check the static occlusion. The natural jaw movements, on the other hand, could only be carried out using a conventional articulator. The effort required for this can be saved with xSNAP. The 3D joint system with ball head is simply attached to the models of the upper and lower jaw and printed with them in order to precisely simulate physiological movements of the lower jaw (protrusion, mediotrusion and laterotrusion).

xSNAP® Add-on module for Model Creator (Exocad)

Art.-Nr.: X100022xSNAP
Manufactured by: exocad

xSNAP® Add-on Modul for Model Builder (3Shape)

Art.-Nr.: X100033xSNAP
Manufactured by: 3Shape

xSNAP® add-on module for BISS (Promadent)

Art.-Nr.: BC-XSNAP
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

xCOIN ULTIMATE (unlimited)

Art.-Nr.: xCOIN-unlimited
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

xCOIN (1 unit)

Art.-Nr.: xCOIN-001
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

xCOIN (10 units)

Art.-Nr.: xCOIN-010
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

xCOIN (50 units)

Art.-Nr.: xCOIN-050
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

xCOIN (100 units)

Art.-Nr.: xCOIN-100
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

xSLICE Printer Software (CAM Slicing)

Art.-Nr.: xSLICE_200-001
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

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