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xSLICE Printer Software (CAM Slicing)

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The new xSLICE software is an optimally tailored 3D printer software for the xPRINT system, but the self-developed platform allows all open printer systems to be connected (Anycubic, Elegoo, Phrozen, etc.). The software is a server-based CAM slicing manufacturing method, including automatic updates of the resin material parameters. The CAM manufacturing possibilities are therefore unlimited, such as xSNAP and various supports of all kinds that are attached to 3D models.

xSLICE supports all types of open printer configurations.

The annual license fee of €199 will be invoiced within the first quarter and is valid for the entire calendar year.


Scene Layout:
Auto-orientation for dental objects with reference to indication type, insertion direction and preperation region (optimized for supports)
Automated nesting of objects on the platform

GPU-based slicing with near i​​nstant updates for preview generation Direct volume rendering for 3D slice previewing Multisampling anti-aliasing with 4-point regular sampling grid Integration with

Other Dental Applications:
Direct launch of Hornet Studio with export and management of printing object queues from other software (xManager, ExoDB, others can be configured) Recognition of dental treatments by reading the construction info Recognition of the preparation lines and avoiding support structures in those regions

Support Structures:
Smart support point placement algorithm which is based on a slice-based simulation of the printing process Support platforms with the different types (solid, traingulated, grid) Support platform cravings with parametrized patterns (hatching or checkerboard) Editing and storing preset support strucutre, platform and cravings configurations Automatic configuration with reference to indication type and/or material Update of recommended preset configurations from the server Computational Compensation of

DLP Errors:
Scaling (material shrinkage) Offsetting in XY (shrinkage, overexposure) Z-Compensation (print-through, overexposure) Automatic configuration via material settings Support of Other Printers: Support of third-party printers with various input formats such as -photon, -photons, .pws, .cbddlp, .ctb, .pw0, and .zip with G-code Download of preset configuration for known and supported printers Support of custom-built 3D printersTransfer funkction (grey scale for allowing configuration of anti-aliasing)




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