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Milling / grinding

CAM Milling / grinding

Subtractive manufacturing is the classic method of computer-aided manufacturing of dentures. It is the only way to process certain highly aesthetic materials such as zirconium oxide and hybrid ceramics. The complex process not only requires the right machine and material, but also special software and materials that are available in the xDEPOT.

Here you can find our tools
Here you will find our milling materials

TX311 - drill bit - CoCr & Titanium (2,2 mm)

Art.-Nr.: 8577220
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

TX309 - Drill bit - CoCr & Titanium (1,5 mm)

Art.-Nr.: 8577150
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

TX314 - drill bit- CoCr & Titanium (2,4 mm)

Art.-Nr.: 8577240
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

TX307 - drill bit - CoCr & Titanium (0,7 mm)

Art.-Nr.: 8577070
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

TX315 - drill bit - CoCr & Titanium (2,7 mm)

Art.-Nr.: 8577270
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

AIDITE AMD 500 DC (incl. HyperDent & 12-Blank Loader)

Art.-Nr.: xAMD500DC
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

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