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Imes-Icore CORITEC 350i Loader PRO+

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The CORiTEC 350i series is an innovative machine concept that meets all the requirements of the modern CAD/CAM process.
The extremely stable design enables the processing of all relevant materials in wet and dry processing.< br /> Optionally with a fully automatic 12-fold blank changer, the system enables versatile processing in 24-hour operation.
The zero-point clamping system offers maximum flexibility for a wide variety of applications.

511014 1350

Imes-Icore 350i PRO Loader+
- 2.6kW high-frequency spindle with up to 60,000 rpm (water cooling required)
- 5-axis machining ( 3+2 and simultaneous processing)
- dynamic AC servo motor drives with absolute encoder
- solid base structure made of polymer concrete
- integrated zero-point clamping system
- incl. second blank holder
- dry processing and Integrated wet processing
- suitable for: zirconium oxide, aluminum oxide, wax, PMMA, plastics
glass ceramics, lithium disilicate, CoCr and titanium processing
- high-gloss housing with LED lighting
- incl. touchscreen and PC integrated in the machine
- Automatic tool changer with 20 positions
- Tool holder with 6 mm shank
- Integrated precision tool length measuring probe
- Temperature compensation for consistently high precision
even with ambient temperature fluctuations
- Suction device
- 12-fold automatic blankw echsler (8 blank holders made of stainless steel included)
- incl. management software "CNC Manager"
- powerful zero-point clamping system
- connection: 230 V

manufacturer: imes-icore GmbH

511014 1350



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