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CAD Software

CAD software

It is the heart of the dental CAD / CAM system: the CAD software. The various modules available here enable the virtual construction of tooth and implant-supported dentures, bars and attachments, total and partial dentures, occlusal splints, plastic models and much more.

xCAD License by Exocad (Galway 3.0)

Art.-Nr.: X10000658
Manufactured by: exocad

Model Creator (xCAD / Exocad) incl. xSNAP® add-on module

Art.-Nr.: X10002335
Manufactured by: exocad

xSNAP® Add-on module for Model Creator (xCAD/Exocad)

Art.-Nr.: X100022xSNAP
Manufactured by: xWERK

xSNAP® update license agreement

Art.-Nr.: X100023xSNAP-Update
Manufactured by: xWERK

xCAD Virtual Articulator (Exocad - Add on Module)

Art.-Nr.: X10000657
Manufactured by: exocad

xCAD Jaw Motion Import (Exocad - Add on Modul)

Art.-Nr.: X10000647
Manufactured by: exocad

xCAD Abutment Designer (Exocad - Add on Modul)

Art.-Nr.: X10000659
Manufactured by: exocad

xCAD Smile Creator (Exocad - Add on Modul)

Art.-Nr.: X10001023
Manufactured by: exocad

xCAD BiteSplint (Exocad - Add on Modul)

Art.-Nr.: X10001197
Manufactured by: exocad

xCAD PartialCAD (Exocad - Add on Modul)

Art.-Nr.: X10001018
Manufactured by: exocad

xCAD DICOM Viewer (Exocad - Add on Modul)

Art.-Nr.: X10001020
Manufactured by: exocad

xCAD Bar Designer (Exocad - Add on Modul)

Art.-Nr.: X10000660
Manufactured by: exocad

xCAD Full Denture Module (Exocad - Add on Modul)

Art.-Nr.: X10001017
Manufactured by: exocad

xCAD Provisional Module (Exocad - Add on Modul)

Art.-Nr.: X10001021
Manufactured by: exocad

xCAD True Smile (Exocad - Add on Modul)

Art.-Nr.: X10000665
Manufactured by: exocad

Model Creator (Promadent BISS) including xSNAP® add-on module

Art.-Nr.: MCB1-xSNAP
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

xSNAP® add-on module for Model Creator (Promadent BISS)

Art.-Nr.: BC-XSNAP
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

xCAD Tooth Library ZRS Wiedmann (Exocad - Add on Modul)

Art.-Nr.: X10002336
Manufactured by: exocad

Ivoclar Vivadent Ivotion Library for 3shape

Art.-Nr.: X00743954
Manufactured by: Ivoclar Vivadent

xCHAIRSIDE System - Basic

Art.-Nr.: xChair611_Basic
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

DELL Precision 3640 + TFT Monitor (Pro Support)

Art.-Nr.: 101818-DELL+TFT
Manufactured by: DELL

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