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xCAD PartialCAD (Exocad - Add on Modul)

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Design of removable model cast prostheses With the PartialCAD module, exocad offers the digital solution for the design of high-quality model cast prostheses. CAD modules can only be unlocked for the xCAD version of exocad!


Apply advanced design and customization features for meshes, major connectors, clasps, lingual aprons and finish lines. Enjoy the highest design flexibility offered by PartialCAD’s extensive features and functionality for l-bar retainers, post design with retention and auto-relief for optimal fit. With this module, you can combine partial frameworks with crown and bridge design elements and create support bars for printing. In addition, partial framework customizations with logos and text are possible.

Annual upgrade / update fee from the 2nd year = 350€

The General Terms and Conditions of Exocad apply: https://shop.exocad.com/agb#upgrades

(the freezing of the CAD software is possible, but must be submitted to us in writing at min. 2 months before the expiration of a license period)




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