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Machine accessories

Machine accessories

An expanded range of applications, additional materials: With machine accessories such as adapters for special blanks, your own milling machine becomes a real all-rounder. The xDEPOT offers a selection of these little helpers in this area.

Multi-Pre-Blank Halter für die Zfx Inhouse 5x

Art.-Nr.: xPri_Inhouse_Holder
Manufactured by: Primacon

Dental Direkt Preface Abutmenthalter (6-fach)

Art.-Nr.: CAM 0511.3
Manufactured by: Dental Direkt

NT Trading Preface Abutmenthalter (W12 / 6-fach)

Art.-Nr.: xW12.NT.000
Manufactured by: NT-TRADING

Medentika Preface Abutmenthalter (M26 / 6-fach)

Art.-Nr.: DE800010
Manufactured by: Medentika

M20 Calibration Blank (Medentika Holder)

Art.-Nr.: M20-xKALIB
Manufactured by: Medentika

Imes-Icore glassceramic holder (6-Units) for 3mm shaft

Art.-Nr.: 526020 0901
Manufactured by: imes-icore® GmbH

Imes-Icore glassceramic holder (6-Units) for 6mm shaft

Art.-Nr.: 526020 0900
Manufactured by: imes-icore® GmbH

Ivoclar Vivadent PrograMill Holder-Rings for PM 3/5/7 Ivotion Denture System

Art.-Nr.: 689245
Manufactured by: Ivoclar Vivadent

CORiTEC Calibration Disk

Art.-Nr.: 525013 9815
Manufactured by: imes-icore® GmbH

Swarf filter 45ppi V2 for Zfx Inhouse5x

Art.-Nr.: ZFX02010031
Manufactured by: Zfx

Condensate container Zfx Inhouse5x

Art.-Nr.: ET-63-10-03-00
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

Filterelement 5 μm Zfx Inhousex

Art.-Nr.: ET-31-00-0-00
Manufactured by: xDEPOT

Suction filter for Zfx Inhouse5x

Art.-Nr.: ZFX02010000
Manufactured by: Zfx

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