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xPRINT - 8K Ultra HD LCD (incl. 2L xRESIN®)

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The new xPRINT will revolutionize model and dental production using the additive process.
With its 10" large monochrome UHD LCD display with an 8K resolution,
high-precision models and other dental indications can be produced in a very short time.
In combination with our xRESIN, model production has never been so efficient, easy and cost-effective!

The new xPRINT will be delivered including a 2l xRESIN® model - 405nm (water wash / beige opaque)
Easy-LCD self repair in 5min


       xPrint Features:

    • 8K 10-inch mono LCD screen with a UHD resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels
    • UV LED high-performance light source with 405 nm
    • XY resolution of 28.5 microns
    • EASY LCD Self-Repair / 4 screws, a connector that allows you to repair it yourself within 5 minutes
    • Highly detailed 3D dental models with a curing time of just 0,9 seconds per 0.05mm layer in combination with our xRESIN
    • Special 9H scratch-resistant hardened glass over the LCD screen improves light transmission and protection.
    • The construction volume of 219 x 123 x 250 mm is ideal for producing several pairs of models (lying 6-8 whole jaws/ standing 16-25) in a very short time.
    • The Fresnel collimating light source consists of 48 highly integrated UV LED lights, which work together with the FCL system Fresnel lens to produce a uniform light beam with a wavelength of 405nm, excellent printing accuracy and smoother surface finish.
    • The Z-axis mechanics are equipped with double linear rails and non-slip socket head leveling screws for ultra-stable and precise movement and remarkable printing performance.
    • The sandblasted surface of the build plate provides much stronger adhesion and the PFA release layer makes model removal easier and reduces separation stress.
    • Optionally, we can equip the construction panel with the xFLEX steel panel. This simplifies the detachment of the printed objects many times over and can greatly reduce the use of materials by dispensing with support structures.


    • The 800 x 480 touchscreen display with ten-finger touch and an on-screen keyboard offers you full functionality
    • Display size (diagonal): 7 inches
    • Display format: 800 (RGB)×480 pixels
    • Active area: 154.08mm × 85.92mm
    • Touch panel: Real capacitive multi-touch touch panel with up to 10 absolute points





xPRINT Manual English

Download (6.04M)

xRESIN WW V4.1 for 0200-0xxx

xRESIN WW V4.1 for 0200-0xxx

Download (10.6k)

xRESIN Parameter für ChituBox

Download (9.04k)

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