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xCOIN (1 unit)

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xCOIN for xSNAP 360

For 1 unit (xCOIN) you generate an individual patient case in the xSNAP 360 Studio.
This is output as a printable data record for all common printer systems.


The cloud-based software can be fed with data from the jaw registration system (currently zebris JMAnalyser+ (Schütz Dental) and MODJAW) or the fully adjustable virtual articulator in order to construct a double joint with patient-specific parameters. Both the data import and the design run fully automatically. But where does the model come from? This can either be designed in the software's own Model Builder with basic functions or with a Model Builder from other software manufacturers and then imported with a mouse click. The process has already been validated for the 3Shape and exocad solutions. Theme Options

  • Patient-specific joint parameters can be imported
  • Incisal plates with different designs
  • Transversal arches with different designs
  • Intercondylar distance freely selectable
  • Flexible adjustment of the ball head diameter
  • Joint guidance dynamically adjustable

Where is xSNAP 360 available?

Online platform for registration: xSNAP 360 Studio

Registered users can test how it works.




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