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xSNAP® Add-on module for Model Creator (Exocad)

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The innovative, dynamic and unique xSNAP® system saves time and money!
xSNAP 3D joint system for the exocad Model Creator module.
Modular libraries for different jaw sizes (upper / lower) and half models.

A license code is valid for one Exocad Model Creator license and solely for your own use in your laboratory. The add-on module is available from your official exocad dealer or in the exocad online store.

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The xSNAP system is an add-on module in the form of a data set for the exocad Model Creator (flex or perpetual license). xSNAP enthusiasts also have the option to sign up for an update license agreement to receive automatic updates every six months. xSNAP is available in 15°, 25°, 35° and 45° versions and two incisal plates (flat and 30° inclined).

Thanks to the xSNAP® 3D -Joint can no longer be adjusted in a conventional articulator. xSNAP® is the world's first 3D-printable joint system for jaw models that enables protrusion and laterotrusion to be simulated without any additional tools.

The unique ball joint system xSNAP® can be attached to the model in the CAD software and easily produced with the preferred 3D printer. This makes it easier to complete the restorations. -> Say goodbye to simple clip-and-fold articulators and introduce dynamic protrusion and laterotrusion movements that can be realized with any printed model thanks to xSNAP!

Optionally, an update license agreement can be concluded, which automatically expands the library every six months. The following extensions are already being planned: Condyle path inclination - various options Incisal plate with support pin (several angles to choose from) Connection arms between model and joint in different lengths xSNAP ATC: based on Bonwill angles for even more realistic movements.

Distribution: exocad GmbH

Invented by Manuel Fricke / xWERK GmbH
(European Patent application: EP 3 970 661 A1)



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