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Adorbond BC powder 10-30µm

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Dental non-precious metal firing alloy on a cobalt-chrome basis.

  • Bottle á 5kg
  • Grain size: 10/30 µm
  • Composition in %: Co 63.6 - Cr 24.8 - W 5.5 - Mo 5.0 - Si 1.1 Elements < 1 %: Fe, Mn, Nb


ADORBOND BC powder 10-30µm is a dental metal-ceramic alloy based on cobalt. ADORBOND BC powder is free of nickel, cadmium, beryllium and lead and complies with EN ISO 22674 type 5 for applications where parts of the appliance require a combination of high stiffness and elongation limit, e.g. thin removable partial dentures, parts with thin cross-sections and clasps. ADORBOND BC powder can be used both as a model casting alloy and as a metal-ceramic alloy.




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