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XTcera - 3D Multilayer (hardness curve 750-1200mpa)

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Ultra highly translucent 3D type multilayer zirconia with hardness gradient.

All indications and spans with one material.

ATTENTION: A1 in 14, 16, 18, 20mm, A3 14, 16, 18, 20mm, A3.5 20mm, A4 18mm, B1 14, 20mm, B2 18mm, B3 18mm currently sold out!


The 3D multilayer zirconia impresses with its unique material properties:

  • Natural gradient: 6 layers with 11 transitions.
  • High light transmission: the translucency is between 55% and 43%, which perfectly reproduces the aesthetic effect of natural teeth.
  • Hardness gradient: The hardness changes from 1250mpa (Dentin) to 750mpa (Incisal), which can reduce the damage to jaw teeth.
  • No inking required: delivery efficiency is increased by 20% and labor costs are reduced by 30%.
  • simple and less complex manufacturing process.

XTcera (Sintering program)

Diameter: 98 mm

Manufacturer: XTcera




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